Commercial Duct Cleaning Methods

Air Conditioning Ducts

Manual Method:
Access openings are cut into the ductwork to gain entry. A high pressure compressor with flexible air hose is used to blow the contaminents along the length of the duct and collected with a negative pressure vacuum unit. All registers are masked off with a filter media to prevent dust fall out and on completion of the clean they are removed and the registers and mixer boxes are damp wiped clean. All dampers are marked so that they can be returned to the original position to maintain the required balance. Access openings are sealed with plates or doors. The system is fogged (if required) with an anti-bacterial solution and then recommissioned.

Robotic Method:
Using the method above the only difference being that the remote control robot (duct rat) is fed through the ducting fitted with a tri whip and low pressure hose.

Please note that some ducting will not allow the duct rat to travel along due to protrusions.

Super Collector:
The latest innovation in duct cleaning, a highly portable and contained system that works with great efficiency. The Super Collector is connected to the end of the duct and creates negative pressure sucking contaminents through hepa filters and then into a collector bin. The same methods as above are used to commence and finish the project.

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Cooking Exhaust Ducts

Access panels are installed in the most appropriate area. Internal surfaces of the canopies, ductwork and fans are sprayed with de-greaser and manually scraped clean.

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Laundry Exhaust Ducts

Access panels are installed in the most appropriate area. The internal surfaces of the duct are scraped, sometimes using rods and brushes. The lint, fluff etc is then vacuumed out and disposed of.

General Exhaust Ducts

In most cases the same methods are used as to clean laundry exhaust ducts.

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