Specialised Commercial Cleaning Services

To meet the needs of our clients we have focused on some key areas of cleaning that are specialised in that we tailor make a program to suit the clients needs. These special needs become evident in such places as production factories, or in areas that "normal cleaners" (such as office cleaners) do not touch. This area of our service has seen us cleaning areas as diverse as the exposed overhead ducts at an indoor pool, paint stacks, a flour spillage and pitts that require confined spaces certificates.

Below are some of these services, but if you are in any doubt as to the right company for your job - why not get us in for an obligation free assessment and quotation.

Production and Overhead Cleaning

Factories and particularly food production plants often require special attention to the cleaning of overhead pipes, girders, lights, ducts etc, to prevent fall out contaminating the food product below. These cleaning practices require training and licenses to work at heights, which all Kleenduct service personnel have. We can design a program to suit your needs, for instance working in sections so as to prevent shutting down of the whole plant. We are available for scheduled services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The majority of production cleaning is done in the shut down period, or at times of low production. This is when the services of an experienced cleaning company become vital, as the need to co-ordinate a large team in a limited amount of time is not a job for the uninitiated. We are experienced in cleaning large areas in a limited time - in or around pits, machinery, sealed tanks, paint stacks etc.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Steam and/or Pressure

Tiled walls, in and around machinery, kitchen surfaces etc. Any where unsightly by-product can build-up causing unhygienic conditions and odours. Our competitively priced service comes with a report and Certificate of Compliance.

Loading Bay Steam and/or Pressure Cleaning

Often the most unsightly area in an industrial or commercial environment, and if food is involved, a breeding place for vermin, bacteria and odours. Our service offers the option of steam/pressure cleaning the bins, too. A necessary service that's all too often overlooked, with our competitive pricing you will have no problem making it part of your regular maintenance schedule.

Roof Steam/Pressure Cleaning

As with loading bays, an area often overlooked and a perfect breeding place for vermin, bacteria and odours. The cooking exhaust fans extract the grease from the system and simply deposit it on the roof area surrounding the fan. If we can access the area and there is a water supply nearby - we can clean it. Another problem is roofs that get covered in bird droppings or pollutants from nearby factories. While not exactly causing a health hazard, this can be very unsightly. Our service comes with before and after photos if required and a Certificate of Completion.

Drive Thru and Car Park Steam/Pressure Cleaning

Over months and depending on traffic, these areas can become one of the most unattractive sights for your customer. Usually a 12 month clean (depending on traffic) is all thats needed to turn these areas into an asset rather than a turn-off for customers, and you would be surprised at how inexpensive it can be.

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