COVID-19 Preventative & Reactive Deep Cleaning

COVID-19 is a highly infectious virus that has resulted in a global pandemic. It is spread through respiratory droplets from an infected person. One way individuals can acquire the virus is by touching their mouth, nose or eyes after touching an infected surface.

To reduce the spread of this virus the Australian Government recommends a combination of cleaning and disinfecting workplaces to protect workers from the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

At Kleenduct, we conduct both routine preventative maintenance cleaning as well as reactive deep cleaning for COVID-19 in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

We conduct these COVID-19 cleaning services for a range of industries and businesses, including but not limited to hospitality & retail businesses, factories, dentists, medical centres, abattoirs, prisons, aged care homes & childcare centres.

Our staff are trained in infectious cleaning so you know you are in good hands.

Routine Preventative Maintenance Cleaning

Our preventative routine environmental cleaning includes the proper cleaning of both frequently touched (i.e. door handles, light switches, tabletops) and minimally touched surfaces (i.e. walls, windows, blinds).

Routine cleaning helps to minimise the spread of the virus and the risk of cross infection.

All surfaces will be wiped clean using disposable wipes and an approved chemical as per Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods COVID-19 CLEAN.

All staff will be wearing appropriate PPE, this includes face shield, disposable surgical masks, disposable coveralls/aprons, disposable gloves and disposable booties. All PPE is routinely disposed of and replaced with fresh.

Our routine preventative cleaning is charged at $140 per hour (for a team of 2) and includes all PPE and required chemicals.

To discuss your preventative cleaning for your workplace contact us on 1300 438 287 or enquire online.


Reactive Deep Cleaning

Had an employee test positive for COVID-19? Need the reassurance of a professional deep clean?

Kleenduct specialises in reactive deep cleaning. First a deep cleaning area is established. Then the entire deep cleaning area is sprayed with an approved chemical (as per Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods COVID-19 CLEAN) from a constant dilution dispenser and left for 10 minutes contact time and air dried. Following this we wipe down the surfaces using a dilution of the same chemical. All surfaces are then disinfected (except curtains).

All staff are fitted with full face guards, half mask respirators, full body disposable protective overalls, elbow length disposable gloves and knee length disposable boots. All PPE is removed in the deep cleaning area after disinfecting, sealed in airtight bags and removed from site.

Our reactive deep cleaning is charged at an hourly rate of $180 per hour (team of 2) and includes all PPE and required chemicals.

To discuss the reactive deep cleaning needs for your workplace contact us on 1300 438 287 or enquire online.


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